Benefit from insights, market intelligence and a global perspective tailored to your specific business objectives. Our bespoke consultancy services will help you lead and maximise return on investment, across range planning, consumer insight and business strategy.

Tailored product strategy

Unlock the commercial, creative and strategic potential of your collections with tailored consultancy that is targeted to your brand, your vision, your heritage and your customer.


  • Product + buying strategy
  • Range planning + collection validation
  • Exclusive colour, gem + material innovation reports
  • Sales data analysis + pricing intelligence
  • Consumer product testing
  • SWOT analysis
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Bespoke consumer insight

Understand your current and future customer. Discover their changing needs, tastes, behaviours and values. Know what they want, before they do.


  • Consumer reports + research
  • Audience segmentation
  • Data insights
  • Retail experience optimisation
  • Deep dives on cultural shifts + nuances
  • SWOT analysis
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Exclusive market analysis

Get the bespoke intelligence you need to identify new markets for expansion. Understand the cultural, regional, generational and demographic nuances that inform new investment opportunities and demand for your product.


  • Region-specific + competitor environment studies
  • Emerging market analysis
  • Exclusive global trade event reporting
  • Market validation reports
  • Investment feasibility reports
  • Brand-market fit analysis
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Supply chain digitisation + data services

Access the right digital tools to fulfil your business objectives and manage risk. Build a robust, agile and sustainable supply chain model to increase profitability, optimise service levels, shorten product cycles and predict future demand.


  • Supply chain digitisation
  • Real time pricing intelligence
  • Digital consumer product testing using sophisticated algorithm models
  • Sustainability audits and manifestos
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