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Keep your finger on the pulse of global consumer influences, industry innovations, seasonal trends and developments in retail and marketing with Adorn Insight.

Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or designer working across the high street to designer fashion and luxury jewellery spectrum, Adorn Insight's jewellery-specific analysis will help you keep your strategy fresh and your styling solutions commercially relevant.

With our focus on the consumer we provide you with the essential tools to inspire growth in a competitive market.



When it came to preparing samples for our March Hong Kong fair, we channelled Adorn Insight's silhouette and color analysis into our designs.

It was the first time we've heard our client say that we have "stories" for our collections and our orders have grown around 30%.

We're developing a new series based on the information Adorn Insight has provided and we're expecting the line to be very successful.

Erica Huang - Coben Inc, Taiwan

We find Adorn Insight's catwalk overviews invaluable and the street style library has become an essential tool for our business.

Natalie Holt - Head Of Design DCK Concessions Ltd, UK

Adorn Insight's expertly curated content gives me the confidence to explore new design directions.

Eleanor Starr - Starr & Co, UAE


Maia and Juliet's knowledge of the industry combined with their genuine respect and keenness to understand our world, values and objectives proved invaluable to our business' expansion plans.

Patrick Malvaux - Malakine Luxury Fine jewellery, Belgium

We have a great example to share of how trend information can be powerful in driving your brands sales. We had been developing an exciting new diamond range with TV personality Lisa Snowdon and had an idea for a ring based on her personal collection. We saw similar styles highlighted on Adorn Insight as a strong influence, so this gave us the confidence to back with more depth and run in multiple platings. The line was a total success and the outright bestseller of the collection.

Joanna Mansbridge - Head of Buying QVC

Adorn Insight play a vital role in telling us what will be influencing jewellery buying decisions well into the future.

Lucy Hotston - Marketing Manager - International Jewellery London


Adorn Insight's cutting edge market intelligence and strategic analysis keep us in tune with essential global jewellery trends.

Amina Ghali - Azza Fahmy, Egypt

We are really enjoying using the website and busily feeding the trends analysis into our summer collections. It's very addictive!

Anne-Marie Hamilton - Curteis, UK

We've seen an immediate return on our investment - countless hours of research have now been compiled into an easily digestible format which has allowed us to incorporate the most up to date jewelry trends into our own development strategy. Manufacturers, Retailers, Independent Jewelry Designers and the likes should take note.

Ashley Kennedy - Rio Grande, USA

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