“We use Adorn Insight's online portal and benefit from bespoke presentations which help us focus our buys ahead of trade show visits.  Their valuable identification of key trends for future seasons helps us plan our merchandising activities more efficiently.  Adorn Insight is our go-to source of intelligence when we want more in-depth consumer information about a specific country, with regards to customers' preferences, cultural nuances, competitors and local trends.”

“Unparalled knowledge of the global jewellery and fashion industries.”

“Working with the team at Adorn Insight adds so much to our product development process.”

“A company that has an intrinsic understanding of the forces of change that shape culture and consumer behaviour.”

“Adorn provides us with great insight into the jewellery market from current styles to future trends. It is also great to work with Juliet and Maia who are so passionate about their work and have great industry knowledge.” 

“Phenomenal at keepingall parties in tune with current trends and cultural influences on the jewellery market,”

“Adorn Insight provides us with a wide view on what’s happening in the jewellery world in real time, from catwalks to consumer activity. Maia and Juliet deliver a personal touch and are always happy to go the extra mile to suit our needs or answer any questions. Adorn continues to be an easy go-to resource, and we look forward to working with them from season to season.”

“We find Adorn Insight's catwalk overviews invaluable and the street style library has become an essential tool for our business.”

“Thanks very much for delivering such an informative session to our delegation, it has greatly contributed to the success of our course. 93% of delegates said they would ‘definitely recommend’ it to their peers.”

“Adorn Insight’s consultancy services and content are professional and truly inspiring my members, providing them with a wider sense of world trends, design directions and the essential look and feel of jewellery that will appeal to the modern consumer.”

“A designer must be willing to accept advice and a gentle and respectful but critical look at their creations. That is what Adorn insight, among other things, can offer.”

“When it came to preparing samples for our March Hong Kong fair, we channelled Adorn Insight's silhouette and color analysis into our designs. It was the first time we've heard our client say that we have "stories" for our collections and our orders have grown around 30%.”

“Adorn Insight's cutting edge market intelligence and strategic analysis keep us in tune with essential global jewellery trends.“

“Maia and Juliet’s mentoring took my university course to the next level with guidance on designing and producing a saleable collection, balancing commercial necessities with design ideas, and talking to retailers. They are both extremely experienced in their different, but complementary, fields, and they gave me invaluable insights into turning my design ideas into a commercially viable collection. They are also lovely to talk to - like having wise big sisters guiding you in the right direction!”

“We've seen an immediate return on our investment - countless hours of research have now been compiled into an easily digestible format which has allowed us to incorporate the most up-to-date jewelry trends into our own development strategy. Manufacturers, Retailers, Independent Jewellery Designers and the likes should take note.”

“The most skilled agnecy in the industry when it comes to strategy, analysing a business and understanding individual challenges that require alignment with global consumer behaviour.”

“In addition to a great service, Adorn Insight also champions a close workimg relationship with their clients.”

“The Jewellery Industry's best kept secret.”